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Area 51 - India Retail Box [8x250g]

Area 51 - India Retail Box [8x250g]

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Attikan Estate was founded by Randolf Morris, a Scott who is believed to have ridden on horseback from Coonoor in the Niligiris to the Biligiri Rangan Hills. The name Attikan has its origins from the vast range of wild Fig trees which exist on the estate and influence the coffees with its unique flavours.

Weight: 2Kg
Grind: Whole Bean

Cup Profile: Dark chocolate, roasted almonds, red apple. Juicy mouthfeel, sweet aftertaste.


Country: India
Region: Biligiri Rangan Hills
Farm: Finca Medina
Elevation: 1500 m.a.s.l.
Terroir: active volcanoes micro climate
Varieties: Sln 9
Process: Saccharomyces fermentation, washed

The farm is situated at the highest altitude where coffee is cultivated in south India. Being flanked by a reserve forest home to tigers, leopards, elephants, Indian gaur, black bear, spotted deer and wild native fauna along with natural wind belts helps Attikan maintain its pristine nature. The farm having been the lair of deceased bandit Veerapan adds to its allure and mystery.


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