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Kenya  - Murang’a

Kenya - Murang’a

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Coffee in Kenya had a relatively late start, but the industry has gained and maintained an impressive reputation. Since the start of production, Kenyan coffee has been recognized for its high-quality, meticulous preparation and exquisite flavors. Today, more than 600,000 smallholders compose 99% of the coffee farming population of Kenya.

Weight: 250g
Grind: Whole Bean

Cup Profile: Raspberries, milk chocolate, creamy


Country: Kenya AB
Region: Embu, Manyatta
Producer: Kamvara Estate
Elevation: 1650 -1750 m.a.s.l.
Varieties: SL28 – SL34 – Ruiru 11
Terroir: Rainforest
Process: Fully washed

Kamvara Estate is located at 1,650 to 1,750 meters above sea level, in an ideal location for producing delicious specialty coffee with sweet, dense cherry. It is well-outfitted with a pulper and several fermentation tanks and washing channels.


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