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Our Story

The AREA 51 Coffee Roasters project was born from our desire to introduce
ourselves to
the audience of Specialty Coffee Shops. Our name inspiration came from the renowned area 51 in the Nevada desert at the centre of which is the most stringently protected air force base of the U.S.A.
Aliens, highly classified scientific experiments and conspiracy theories are only just a part of the mantle covering up what exactly goes on inside its facilities.
So, is it coincidental that for decades the area has been attracting countless visitors?
One thing is for sure, the unknown has forever evoked human curiosity and
the forbidden is always even more fascinating.
That is what we envisioned.
Our very own “classified” base through which the quest for the secrets of coffee never stops.
A brand committed to continuous research, combining knowledge, technology and artisanship.


Where to begin when talking about roasting? It is definitely an art form in itself. It is the process that can highlight or spoil all other actions in the production chain. Roasting requires knowledge, concentration and intuition.

All of the Roaster’s senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing) must constantly be stimulated. Every country of origin, variety and processing method demands a different approach and it is the emphasis on details that will play a pivotal role in the final result.
Sound easy? Well, believe us it’s not…
Coffee is like an orchestra. It consists of many instruments, high, medium and low notes. Only an experienced conductor can create a beautiful melody.
If you were to ask us what characterizes our approach to roasting, we would answer: the synergy and balance between flavors and aromas. The point where each aromatic and flavor characteristic come together supporting each other.

Quality of Products & Services

Quality assurance is a chain of events for us that starts from the selection and purchasing of the raw material and ends with packaging and storing.
For AREA 51 we select only Specialty Grade quality coffees.
At our facilities, prior to any purchase, we evaluate samples including: the granulometry process, green coffee grading, moisture and density measurements, all in accordance with the standards of the Coffee Quality Institute and with the use of the most advanced equipment.
The tasting evaluation is performed by two of our certified Q-Arabica graders and only then is the green light given for an order. Of course, this is just the beginning.

Research & Development 

Research is an integral part of our daily life. In the coffee sector, we frequently encounter new trends and practices that arouse interest. Therefore, we prefer not to take anything for granted unless we try it and confirm it first.
By conducting experiments on the brewing parameters of coffee and recording the outcomes, we are given the opportunity to gain a more personal understanding concerning the rules that govern them.
In addition, our aim is to link the uniqueness of artisanal production with the use of advanced technology throughout all the stages of production. Our ultimate goal is the benefit of the consumer.
Our coffee is packaged in a pressure sealed nitrogen environment ensuring an oxygen-protected product (oxygen = oxidation) while at the same time lengthening its shelf life
Coffee has the ability to stimulate all senses –
sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.
We feel it is our duty to highlight all its features through our work.


A very significant part of our job is travelling. As someone once said: “Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Our contact with the farmers in the countries of origin, the establishment of friendly relations and long-term partnerships are just one way of benefiting all those involved in the coffee industry.
We support models such as direct trade, fair trade and more because we believe they contribute in improving the lives of growers.
Our team often travels and we try to bring back as much as knowledge and stories as possible to share with you.